I'm Marcus Macaulay a graphic designing photographer from Leeds, West Yorkshire. I'm married with three children, two dogs, one cat, a horse and a load of bugs (this will make sense if you look at my photography portfolio). I've worked as a designer for over 25 years, though I did have a five-year spell as the licensee/manager of a nightclub in the mid 90's. One of my first jobs was cold selling advertising for the Auto Trader paper. Along with my nightclub experience, I feel it gives me an advantage in my work. I understand sales/promotion and apply this knowledge when designing. I have a vast experience in publishing having created my own magazine in the early 90's. As a photographer, I have an eye for what works well in design and when taking the photographs I'm always thinking how it will layout. This is something a lot of photographers don't understand as I work with other peoples photos every day when laying out magazines.
With a good knowledge of web development, I understand how to get the best out of social media and search engine optimisation. I build visual websites though I'm not a coder so don't tend to work on large complicated sites.
I work quickly and efficiently always sticking to my deadlines. One publication I have worked on for 12 years I've never once missed my deadline. In fact the opposite. My working practice was adopted by my client improving the production time.
I keep up to date with the latest technology, software and techniques. Most recently working on creating images for virtual reality which can be seen in my portfolio. I also dabble with 3d work, scanning, printing and rendering.
You'll find me very easy to work with if you are organised and value the service I'm providing. I work hard and I like to have a friendly working relationship with my clients.

My youngest son Ché messing around in the studio

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