I find a quick chat on the phone to discuss your requirements is usually the best way. There's no obligation and it'll help me get a better idea of what you're looking for.  You can call me on 07572 757834 or drop me a message marcusmacaulay@mac.com  emails don't always get through and I responded quickly. If you don't hear back from me within a few working hours chances are it got spammed.
The big question, how much? Each and every job is different, for magazines, I arrive at the final cost by using a page rate between £18 & £30 per page. More pages, more often, the page rate is lowest. For photography, it's a £250 for a half day (4hrs) or £360 (7.5hrs) for a day, does not include travel or an overnight stay. Includes basic retouching.
I work on 50% upfront with the balance on completion on each job. I understand that this arrangement is not always suitable for some clients. As I'm essentially a freelancer running 30/ 60-day accounts is just not feasible. In the early days proved very costly to me
Thank you!
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